Win the title in Penalty Shootout 2012

Are you into sports? Here is your chance to play soccer for free and without any hassle of preparations and finding some people to play with. Play Penalty Shootout 2012, a perfect remake of the Fifa World Cup Penalty Shootout. In this game, you play as a national athlete, soccer to be particular. Your goal is to take your team to the title in Penalty Shootout.


If it is your turn to kick the ball, choose which direction to intend for the ball to go. Then choose the height for your kick and then choose the speed. And when you are the goalkeeper, click on the gloves to catch or block the ball when the opponent kicks it. You only need you mouse to play the game. Penalty Shootout 2012 is a strategy action-packed sports game. Play it for free in websites that offer free game play.

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