Take you sides on Warlords Epic Conflict

If you love playing war games, you should not miss playing Warlords: Epic Conflict. After a long time of peace, the war is once again upon the land of Beneril. Choose which side are you on: Men of the West, Human Alliance, Orcs of the South, Orcs of the North, Mountain Trolls, Wood Elves, High Elves or the Undead. Each of these races has a special ability.

You will then choose a destination for your army; if an enemy owns it, you will have to fight for it. When you win a battle, you can upgrade your army, defenses and abilities. You can also buy new units. The difficulty of the battle intensifies as you move forward. Use your mouse to play the game and control your army. Warlords: Epic Conflict is another addicting war game that needs a lot of strategies to win over.


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