Stir up a Sleepy Friend in Wake Up the Box 3

Hate it when somebody wakes you up in the middle of your wildest dreams? Well here is your chance to wake and annoy someone in the middle of their sleep! In Wake Up the Box 3, Mr. Box the sleepy head is back and your duty is to watch him and to wake him up every time he sleeps on the job. Your mind and creativity will be put to test in this game. Get ready for your mind to be blown in this puzzle, adventure game.

wake up the box 3 (5)

You have couple of items that are made out of wood and you need to find the perfect spot where to put them to cause a noise or get Mr. Box off where he is sleeping. From long straight strips of wood to heavy and solid logs, and more objects, there are no other rules in Wake Up the Box 3 but to snap him out of his snoring. Solve all 20 challenging stages, where you have to use laws of physics, make a wooden puppet lie, wake up sleeping animals and make an alarm clock climb up to tree to kick Mr. Box off. There is also a score rewarded for solving a stage, the faster you solve it and the lesser times you retry it the higher score you will get. After several tries and you still cannot get off a stage, take your time off and get some air outside, your progress in the game is saved and you can come back for it once you had a good time of thinking a strategy.

The game creators understand how hard the puzzles are that they even put a Walkthrough button on the upper right corner of the game that directs you to a page where you can see how a stage is solved. If you think you have one bright mind that can solve puzzles and problems right away then Wake Up the Box 3 is a game you must try, visit and play the game.

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