Solve all puzzles in Troll Quest 5

Do you enjoy problem-solving games? How witty does your mind work? Do not miss out the Troll quest game series and check your skills. The fifth installment, Troll Quest 5, will surely boost your skills as you help the troll with his problems. In this installment, your main goal is to win the Troll Cup. Expect troll problems related to football game.

Trollface Quest 5 (2)

The game begins when the troll decided to joined a football game. In helping the troll, you will be using unusual strategies to get to the next stage. Solve twenty challenging levels and challenge your intelligence. Some levels can easily be solved, but some require cleverness in thinking. Solve each mini puzzle wittily. And if ever you got stuck on a level, you can find some tricks and tips at Also, finish the game in the most minimal clicks possible.

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