Sniper Assassin 5: The Final Mission

“Save the best for last” is a very common phrase that we usually hear on television or in printed materials describing something that is presented lastly. It may not always be true, though mostly it is, but in the game series called Sniper Assassin, the said phrase is said to be absolutely true.

In its fifth and last installment of the series, called Sniper Assassin 5: The Final Mission, all the improvements made from the first version to the succeeding ones are still carried on but with further additional improvements made especially on the game’s graphics and general game play. The game also is said to be the best among its peers because it is the culmination of all the adventures of its main character Shawn Davidson and his illusive enemy Mr. J who he has been hunting since the start of the game. You can read more about this action packed game and play it on its official site.

Sniper Assassin 5 (4)

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