Service the People with Relaxation in Beauty Resort

A warm bath after relaxation is what you need after a long day of work right? But did you ever wondered what the crew inside a spa house are doing just to ensure your relaxation? In Beauty Resort you will experience not how to get relaxed but how they make you relax. Run and spa and massage service home with a starting entrepreneur who made her first branch. You will guide her on how to provide the customer’s need and how to make them satisfied. The game only uses the mouse as a control and you click and drag on objects.

Drag customers on where they want to go and click on objects that they need. Your character runs through the room and you can make waypoints or queue her next move while doing the first command. After getting the service they wanted you can get the cash that serves a score in the game. The room gets upgraded automatically as you go on the game. If you fail to hit the cash goal in the stage then you will lose a life, after losing 5 lives the game is over and you will have to start again at level 1.

Beauty Resort (2)

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