Restore the mystical land in Jewel Match 3

Jewels are precious things that people are aiming to have as many as possible but they are surely not aiming for greediness. There are three reasons why jewels are precious. First reason is because of the process they are undergoing which are quite meticulous and detailed. Second reason is because of the process of finding them which some are very hard to find or drill. Last reason is because of the details and appearance they possess which are magical and brilliant. This article presents a flash game that features jewels and it is called Jewel Match 3. This game is already the third installment from the flash game series called Jewel Match.

The story in this game has a great purpose. The young girl named Luna is trying to bring back the magic and mystique in the fantasy land destroyed by evil people. The players will have to match the jewels or gems and disappear them from the game screen. There are 100 levels available as well as 3 game modes and 5 castles to seek and conquer.


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