Remain flying up high in Crazy Helicopter

Have you already experienced riding in a helicopter? If yes, what about in a Crazy Helicopter? If not yet then feel it here in Crazy Helicopter. It is a crazy computer game online designed for those who love adventure and want to do it up in the airspace. Your goal is to remain flying up in the outer space as long as you can. You will get ammo and score when you collect some point balls. You must touch the point balls to earn points.

Crazy Helicopter (2)

Eliminate some obstacles by releasing missiles with the use of your mouse and spacebar of your keyboard. You will find it hard in controlling the chopper; it is not called Crazy Helicopter for nothing. This makes it more challenging. When you fall, give some time to rest before restarting the game. Do not restart it immediately after the fall or you will just see the helicopter in distress.

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