red ball game 3

The cute little red ball is back in its third installment, red ball 3. And this time, he will be the savior and hero of Pink Ball, the love of his life. Join him as he venture in this addicting adventure game.

The game red ball 3 begun with clippings showing Red Ball and Pink Ball were strolling in a park. Then, a black ball appeared and saw them and got jealous. He thought it would be better if it was him and Pink Ball together instead. So he knocked down Red Ball and snatched away Pink Ball. Red Ball must save her.

Play as Red Ball and do whatever it takes to save the love of your life. Venture in twenty exciting and challenging levels. You have to reach the red flag at the end of each level. There are red flags too along your way which are checkpoints. Make sure to pass those checkpoints and the flags move up so that in case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed.


Remember that your main objective is to save Pink Ball. But as you go on your way, you must be very careful. The journey to save her is not that easy. You will encounter tons of obstacles. Like in the previous versions of Red Ball, some obstacles are axes, lifts and spikes. There are new obstacles too like the push buttons and levers which can control a lot of things. You have to unleash your wittiness too. As you go on your way, you have to collect the gold and silver stars too. They will contribute well to your scores.

The game red ball 3 is as thrilling as the first two prequels. Aside from the new storyline, there is now an antagonist, Black Ball. You will definitely not get bored with this game as there are new obstacles which will make you think more how to escape or beat. You can let children play the game too for there are no violence or foul words involved in the game. Plus, they will surely enjoy the colorful graphics as well as the characters.

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