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The duck life games are all addicting adventure and racing game. From the first installment, players will be interested with the storyline. You are a farmer who lost everything because of a strong tornado. The challenge is to get up from a great downfall. Having only one duck egg left, you thought of a way to turn around things. You are to train the duckling in different skills to prepare it for the duck race. Duck races happened to be popular in your place. Your intention of winning first place is to use the winnings in rebuilding and re-establishing your farm. But before you can join, there are certain levels of skills your duckling must reach.


In duck life games, you must train your duckling in the skills of flying, running and swimming. And from the second installment to the fourth, in addition to the mentioned skills, you will also train your duckling in the skill of climbing. In Duck Life 2, you will be joining bigger tournaments. Since you have already won in the first installment, you thought of joining more. Probably addicted to ducklings and duck racing, in Duck Life 3, you were even able to genetically modify your ducklings. Some guess that it was due to the seeds you were feeding the ducklings.

However, even after the success of races involving genetically modified ducklings, the judges decided to ban said genetically modified ducklings from joining the competition. So you are back to training your ducklings the traditional way in Duck Life 4. It is like training your ducklings in the first installment, only better. You have a coach and you can train several ducklings.

The succeeding duck life games made a great difference from the first four installments. There are no more training for your duckling. Even races or tournaments were eliminated. Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt challenges your duckling to find mysterious treasures in the cave. Duck Life 6 is an improvement of Duck Life 5. Aside from the addition of Coin Shop, the tournament, Cup as they are called, were brought back. Duck Life Space was made for Apple and Android. All these duck life games are enjoyable and highly addictive.

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