Choose the weapons in raze 4

The series raze game has never been exciting and interesting before as it is this time. The 4th installment of this series is raze 4, which is the latest version and a popular shooting game. I am sure you will be prepared to have fun with the created plot for this version if you have enjoyed its first 3 versions. In this game, you will fight against a lot of aliens that are trying to make the earth destructed and destroyed, and the player is the one who has the ability to save this planet.
More than one mission will be assigned to the player to complete, which are the Human Campaign and the other is the Alien Campaign. Keep in mind this fact also that this game contains several modes of playing. A variety of weapons is available to enjoy here.

raze 4

All Reds must go in Red Remover 3!

All reds must go. That is the motto of the new game in town and it’s called Red Remover 3. The third installment of the super fun and awesome game series lives up to the hype because it’s challenging and exciting and very satisfying to play. New puzzles are available for you to solve and conquer. The mission of the game might sound easy but it’s not. You must have a good eye for spotting things and have a good strategy in order to be the best red remover in town. There are many tips about the game online, however, if you want to see them now then take a look at the site here.

Red remover 3 is truly another great installment to the game series. Fun, exciting and challenging, the game will leave you sleepless for days because all reds must go!

red remover 3

Take up the bouncy challenge

Need your daily dose of puzzle games to complete your day? Need something to challenge and tickle your mind? Well, the answer to all of your problems is here. Packed with super fun yet challenging levels, The Bouncy Challenge will definitely make your day memorable and enjoyable. The mission of the game is to guide the ball towards the exit. To do this, you must have good aiming skills and a good grasp on how to estimate the power needed for each shot. The controls are very easy. You just need your mouse to do the aiming and powering for you.

With various levels to challenge you and your strategy skills, The Bouncy Challenge will definitely make you scream and squeal in excitement. What are you waiting for? Take up the challenge and be the champion of the game.


The Best Stick Hero is Back in Town in Vex 3

The best stick hero in town is back to play some more games and complete more obstacles in Vex 3! Packed with more excitement and surprise, the third installment of the Vex games will surely leave you sleepless for nights. The game still has the stage building feature like the one that can be found in Vex 2. However, if you’re not interested in that, then just go directly to the play option. Before you start the actual game, you will first have to undergo the tutorial. It will help you familiarize yourself with the controls and the gameplay. To know more tips and tricks about the game, click the link that will be provided:

Unlock achievements and collect all the trophies! Make sure your awesome and amazing stick hero succeeds once again in Vex 3.

vex 3

Fancy Pants 2 is back with more action!

Are you ready for more Fancy Pants? Did I hear a yes? Good because your favorite game is back with much more exciting levels to complete. In Fancy Pants 2, not only will you get to enjoy your favorite game once more, you will also get an improved version of the game. Better graphics, better plot- what more can you ask for? In this new installment to the game, your mission is to your character locate the angry bunny who stole his ice cream. Overcome all the obstacles and defeat everyone who is coming between you and your mission. If you’re looking for another game to occupy you, then Fancy Pants 2 is the best game for you. No more waiting and start playing now!

Fancy Pants 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 to strike again

Finished playing Strike Force Heroes 1 and still looking for more action to satisfy you? Well, you’re in luck because the game is back with more in Strike Force Heroes 2. In the second installment of the super popular and exciting game, you get to play more challenging and adrenaline pumping missions that will definitely blow your mind. The mission is till the same. To complete campaign missions by killing all of your enemies or taking their flags. The controls are very simple and not difficult to master at all. You just need your mouse and a few keys to play the game. If you want to get more information about this game, make sure to check this link: Strike Force Heroes 2

Excited to play? Well, stop drooling, beat all of your enemies and play Strike Force Heroes 2 now!

Strike Force Heroes 2

Let’s Stop Dr. Sloth in Korbats Lab!

Have you dreamed of being a hero and saving the day from the bad guys? Well then, the game that will satisfy all you hero needs is now here: Korbats Lab. In this game, Dr. Sloth- renowned evil scientist- is trying to brew a Transmogrification Potion in his mysterious lab for his evil plans. Your goal is to stop all of his plans by destroying all of the ingredients that he is hoarding. Smash as many boxes as you can. However, be careful! The lab is infested with nasty korbats and spyders that will distract you from accomplishing your goals. The controls of the game are very easy. Use the arrow keys to move to the left and right, and use the spacebar to launch the ball.
If you’re looking for a game filled with fun, then Korbats Lab surely fits the bill. What are you waiting for? Stop Dr. Sloth from accomplishing all of his evil plans now!

Korbats Lab

Skull Kid: the amazing assassin

If you have ever played the game Skull Kid, then you surely remember how crazy and awesome his character is. If you want to get a chance to play with him again, then you are in luck because Skull Kid is back is Skull Kid 3! Unlike the other versions of the game, Skull Kid 3 focuses on taking a more adventurous route. Packed with several quests and mission you have to complete, help Skull Kid reach his goal- to earn a lot of money and become the best assassin. With 23 levels to overcome, help him succeed in the assassination missions his employer gives him. The controls of the game are very easy and you’ll master them with just a few tries. If you want to find out more about this game and where to play it, please click the link to read more about it:

skull kid 3

Plumber 1 by Terry Paton

Terry Paton created this game and named it Plumber 1. This is the first version of the series which can be enjoyed by you and your friends. Although, the name is Plumber 1, but technically, it should be named as Pipefitter. But the team calls it plumber 1 because you will see the functions related to plumbing too. The water, designed for this game, is suspiciously very clean.
When you need to line them up, just click the created pipes, so it will show what you want and need. The game was created at 9th of April, 2004, and has been run and operated more than 214,000 times online and offline. Connecting the tap with overflowed pipe would be done by rotating the pipes by clicking on them. Once the pipes connected, you should click the tap to move to the next level.

plumber 1

Bitejacker-Be A Zombie Shooter

Do you like Zombie and Shooting? Well, if this is the case, you will surely like BiteJacker Game. This is a arcade game where you need to shot down the zombies. If you fail to do, you know what will happen? Yes, you will turn into a zombie.
Well, in your fight against the zombies in this game, you will get lots of weapons. You need to continue the game and as you progress you can upgrade the weapons to kill more dangerous and faster zombies. It means as time goes by, the game will get more intense to sweat you out. The excitement in the middle of battle is unbelievable. Good thing is the control is easy with the keyboard and mouse combination, and you just need to move your player with keyboard and shoot with the mouse. And now it’s time to start shooting up zombies or to turn into a zombie in Bitejacker.