Take you sides on Warlords Epic Conflict

If you love playing war games, you should not miss playing Warlords: Epic Conflict. After a long time of peace, the war is once again upon the land of Beneril. Choose which side are you on: Men of the West, Human Alliance, Orcs of the South, Orcs of the North, Mountain Trolls, Wood Elves, High Elves or the Undead. Each of these races has a special ability.

You will then choose a destination for your army; if an enemy owns it, you will have to fight for it. When you win a battle, you can upgrade your army, defenses and abilities. You can also buy new units. The difficulty of the battle intensifies as you move forward. Use your mouse to play the game and control your army. Warlords: Epic Conflict is another addicting war game that needs a lot of strategies to win over.


Beat the opposing team with NBA Pro Hoops

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the entire world because of three reasons. First is because of the fact that they involve balls which are entertaining by itself already. Second is because of the fact that it is a team sports where a large group of people can join and develop or improve their team spirit and sportsmanship. Last is because of the vibes or atmosphere created by the players and the fans. This article presents a flash game which is entirely about Basketball. The name of the game is NBA Pro Hoops.

NBA Pro Hoops (3)

Your mission in this game is to play Basketball or hoops. Choose your team and start shooting balls on the ring. There are different options or places where you can play hoops. It can either be on the court, the arena or at the beach. The important thing is that you will be able to win against your opponents with flying colors.

Collect the statue in Demologic 2

Demologic 2 is a physic-based game. You are driving a crane with a big wrecking ball hanging on the crane. Your goal is to make the statue and the red block touch each other so the statue will disappear. Use the wrecking ball to hit the statue, the red block or any other object that will hit them or make them hit each other so you can level up. You can drive your crane forward but only to a certain point.

Demologic 2 (2)

You can see the red line that marks your limit. Use left and right arrow keys to make the crane move backward and forward. Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the height of the wrecking ball. As your wrecking ball hit, try to hit your target in a way that it will hover over the three stars. Solve all twenty five puzzles and try to gain sixteen achievements.

Anticipating the next from Fancy Pants World

If you had enjoyed playing Fancy Pants World game series, you are probably among the many gamers awaiting the next sequel to the first three ones. The makers of Fancy Pants World have already released three sequels, each succeeding part improving the previous one. In Fancy Pants World 1, you were introduced to be a spikey-haired stick man wearing baggy pants.


You will collect the swirls in each level to score. Collecting those swirls is not that easy as you may think. In Fancy Pants World 2, your goal is to find the angry bunny who had stolen your ice cream. In Fancy Pants World 3, the king seeks for your help. Those who enjoyed playing the three versions wait and anticipate more surprise and improvement in the next installment. Fancy Pants World has a simple concept but entertaining enough especially for those who want to relax a little bit.

Win the title in Penalty Shootout 2012

Are you into sports? Here is your chance to play soccer for free and without any hassle of preparations and finding some people to play with. Play Penalty Shootout 2012, a perfect remake of the Fifa World Cup Penalty Shootout. In this game, you play as a national athlete, soccer to be particular. Your goal is to take your team to the title in Penalty Shootout.


If it is your turn to kick the ball, choose which direction to intend for the ball to go. Then choose the height for your kick and then choose the speed. And when you are the goalkeeper, click on the gloves to catch or block the ball when the opponent kicks it. You only need you mouse to play the game. Penalty Shootout 2012 is a strategy action-packed sports game. Play it for free in websites that offer free game play.

Look out for the Mutant Hamsters

If you are having fun with shooting games, you will enjoy playing the Mutant Hamsters game. Get ready to fight against vicious hamsters turned into mutants. You will have to kill the mutated hamsters before they kill you. You also have to shoot the potatoes they are throwing at you before it gets near you. If the potatoes hit you or got near you, you will lose a heart.

mutant hamster

Your life is represented by a group of hearts is at the upper left corner of the screen. When you got hit, you will lose a heart. Be very aware, they sometimes appear suddenly, sometimes right under your nose or sometimes in group. There are also times the lights turn off, increasing difficulty to the situation. At times, there are boxes with a heart print that you can hit to get an extra heart. Mutant Hamsters is an exciting, fast paced addicting game.

Style your place in My New Room 2

Everyone, especially ladies, dream of having a place or a room of their own. Make that dream come true and unleash your interior designing skill in My New Room 2. You own a room which you can decorate, arrange appliances and displays. You can also change the floor, paint the walls and add pets. You can add friends and have a party or simply chat. You have an option to change the background or outside of the room.

My New Room 2 (2)

You also have the tools to design your own wall painting and floor. Music is can also be played while you are decorating. When you are done, you can have your work printed for souvenir. My New Room 2 is a dress up game specifically made for girls and young ladies who are dreaming to have their own room and decorate it and arrange it the way they like.

Do not bump in Cube Field

Are you looking for a game to let time pass by but make it worthwhile too? If you want to have some and at the same time benefit from it, try playing Cube Field. It is a skill game that would enhance your brain on focus and visual perception. In this game, you have to concentrate on controlling the triangle ship and avoid colliding with cube obstacles. Control your ship using left and right arrow of your keyboard.

cube field

Take note that the triangle ship is moving at a fast speed. Plus the background changes color from time to time. Intense concentration is needed. One collision ends the game. And the more you practice, the more you will get the hang of concentrating. Cube Field is a simple game yet very challenging and addicting. There is no link in particular to play the game, just search for it in your browser.

Restore the mystical land in Jewel Match 3

Jewels are precious things that people are aiming to have as many as possible but they are surely not aiming for greediness. There are three reasons why jewels are precious. First reason is because of the process they are undergoing which are quite meticulous and detailed. Second reason is because of the process of finding them which some are very hard to find or drill. Last reason is because of the details and appearance they possess which are magical and brilliant. This article presents a flash game that features jewels and it is called Jewel Match 3. This game is already the third installment from the flash game series called Jewel Match.

The story in this game has a great purpose. The young girl named Luna is trying to bring back the magic and mystique in the fantasy land destroyed by evil people. The players will have to match the jewels or gems and disappear them from the game screen. There are 100 levels available as well as 3 game modes and 5 castles to seek and conquer.


Defend you Castle in Dragon Slayers

If you like shooting game using ballista, try to kill some dragons in the addicting game Dragon Slayers. You main goal is to defend the castle from all sorts of dragons using ballista. Earn gold to repair your castle, to recruit crews, to upgrade their capabilities, to build Carpenters Guild, to build Mage Guild and to upgrade your castle. As expected, the game gets harder as you level up, but just enough to be challenging and not boring.

Dragon Slayers 3

Be mindful of your castle’s health because once your castle is destroyed, the game is over. Be wise in spending your gold. More crews would mean more food needed. Try your best to build Mage Guild as soon as possible before the red dragons come. Click and hold left button of your mouse to aim and power up. Release left button of mouse to fire at the dragons.