Look out for the Mutant Hamsters

If you are having fun with shooting games, you will enjoy playing the Mutant Hamsters game. Get ready to fight against vicious hamsters turned into mutants. You will have to kill the mutated hamsters before they kill you. You also have to shoot the potatoes they are throwing at you before it gets near you. If the potatoes hit you or got near you, you will lose a heart.

mutant hamster

Your life is represented by a group of hearts is at the upper left corner of the screen. When you got hit, you will lose a heart. Be very aware, they sometimes appear suddenly, sometimes right under your nose or sometimes in group. There are also times the lights turn off, increasing difficulty to the situation. At times, there are boxes with a heart print that you can hit to get an extra heart. Mutant Hamsters is an exciting, fast paced addicting game.

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