Get Ready for Pirates of the Stupid Seas

Take out your red bandanna and unleash the pirate spirit in you in a game called Pirates of the Stupid Seas. Get ready to attack ships at sea and rob their gold in this pirate shooting game.

In this game, you will have to aim at the enemy ship and shoot them with your cannon mounted on your own vessel. Once the enemy is defeated, you will then find out how much gold is available for loot. Some ships contain a lot of gold but some ships only has a little so you have to keep looking for ships with more loot. Upgrade both your ship and your cannon to get ahead of the game. Upgrades can be purchased using your gold coins. Are you ready to play this game? Then try and check it out on any of the sites that offer Pirates of the Stupid Seas to play for free.

Pirates of the Stupid Seas (3)

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