Full version of Earn to Die

The Earn to Die game series had been a popular game online. If you enjoy playing zombie games, you should check out the full version of the Earn to Die game series. You will surely love each and every sequel of the game.

In Earn to Die 2, the survivor had finally made it to the city. Unfortunately, the city was already overtaken by the zombies. Trying to run away from the zombies, you heard a broadcast where the speaker is from Exodus Military Base. He said that the base cannot hold back anymore. The last plane is about to leave for Refuge Harbor where an evacuation ship will depart. All survivors are urged to head there now. Once again, you need a vehicle.

Your first vehicle in Earn to Die 2 is the jeep. You have thirty dollars at the beginning of the game. You can first upgrade your fuel tank which initially costs twenty five dollars. You can control your vehicle by using the up arrow key to accelerate, the right and left arrow keys to tilt. Each run is equivalent to a day. You earn cash depending on the distance you have reached, the number of zombies you have killed and the average speed you have run. Upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day for better performance on the next run.

earntodie2-exodus (2)

You will unlock your second vehicle when you finish the first level of the game Earn to Die 2. Your second vehicle is a police car. Like in the previous versions of Earn to Die, the upgrades you have made in your prior vehicle are not compatible with your next vehicle. So you will have to upgrade your police car all over again. The same is true with your third vehicle which is a van. You will unlock the van when you finish level 2.

Earn to Die 2 is another addicting challenging racing game from the Earn to Die game series. You can play the full version for free. You can also play other Earn to Die games if you click the More Earn to Die games option in the Main Menu of the game.

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