Defend the drill in Planet Juicer

Do you enjoy playing tower defense games? Check out the game Planet Juicer. You are the new Secretary of Defense of the Core Juice Corporation. Your goal is to invade planets and launch your core juicer in that planet. Defend your drill against the local defenses at all cost. And while defending, research on different areas of technologies. When you research on something, you will unlock new units or new area of research.

Planet Juicer (2)

The more research you do, the more powerful your defenses become and the more upgrades you can make. You can even heal your damaged units. You earn cash when you kill enemies. Use the cash in building your defense, upgrading and in your researches. If the enemies get pass your defenses, you will be demoted. Planet Juicer is a strategy tower defense action-packed game. Use your mouse in playing the game.

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