Collect the statue in Demologic 2

Demologic 2 is a physic-based game. You are driving a crane with a big wrecking ball hanging on the crane. Your goal is to make the statue and the red block touch each other so the statue will disappear. Use the wrecking ball to hit the statue, the red block or any other object that will hit them or make them hit each other so you can level up. You can drive your crane forward but only to a certain point.

Demologic 2 (2)

You can see the red line that marks your limit. Use left and right arrow keys to make the crane move backward and forward. Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the height of the wrecking ball. As your wrecking ball hit, try to hit your target in a way that it will hover over the three stars. Solve all twenty five puzzles and try to gain sixteen achievements.

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