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Get Ready for Road of Fury

An action packed car racing game with extreme shooting action, that is how you call the Road of Fury game. Road of Fury is a flash game by Play Hub launched February of 2014 under the car games category. Since the release of this game, a lot of players have been playing and enjoying the game because of its heart pounding explosive action in line with driving a car.


Games of these type and genre has become more and more popular because a lot of gamers are into racing and some sort of action without causing physical harm to self and to others. If you are one of them, then you have to try and check out Road of Fury. Put those driving and shooting skills to the test and see if you have the right amount of skill and bravery to complete all levels without going to the game’s walktrough.

Get ready for Bomb It 10

Have you ever played the Bomb It series? If not, you are missing all the fun and action this game series brings. Try one now to experience the adventure of bombing. Bomb all your enemies, it is a must to eliminate them all. And gather as much coins as you can to get higher scores. Use your score to customize your character.

Bomb It 10 (1)

You can start in the easy mode and challenge yourself to survive in the normal mode and even in the hard mode. you can also challenge your friends to play against you since the game has a two-player option. There are loads of categories to choose from. Pick a number of levels from five, ten, fifteen or twenty to survive in each category. Do you think you are ready for Bomb It 10? Check the official website of Bomb It games and HAVE A PEEK AT THIS SITE.

Clone Wars: conquer your enemy

Futuristic fiction had its first conquest in novels. They are summed up by imaginative authors that continue to amaze many people. In fact, movie adaptations are flocked by avid fans each time new movies arise. However, it can now be played through Flash Player game Clone Wars.


You are in control of soldiers who are armed with machine guns and wear full body armor. Your goal is to spawn from one base to another until it becomes yours. The map is square tile with at least 10 bases by which you have one camp at the start. As it progress, your enemy can win if the adversary occupies all the bases. Therefore, the best way to win is to spawn in the nearest empty base then concentrate the attack later one base at a time. Strategic gamers who want very spontaneous analysis will enjoy clone Wars.

Train and play in My Dolphin Show 4

There are issues surrounding a particular show where the main attraction is an animal and it is called a dolphin show. There are numerous places around the world the perform this show. Some activists are marching towards the stoppage of this show because of the abuse the animals get at some instances. It is indeed an enjoyable show but some people don’t realize the feelings of these animals. Good thing, there is a flash game that lets you enjoy a dolphin show without abusing them real life because it is through a virtual way. The game is called My Dolphin Show 4.


Since this is already the fourth installment from the fun and exciting game series My Dolphin Show, you can expect for more features and improvements in the overall aspects of the game. Just like the previous editions, the player will have to play the role of a dolphin trainer. You will have to train the dolphins certain tricks. Afterwards, the dolphins will have to perform the required tricks or stunts asked in each level. The more tricks the dolphins perform, the higher your score is. Find more information about this game by searching for it online.

Be fabulous and stylish with Super Dress Up

It is normal for people to dress up when there are events that they will be attending. It is important for many people to look good and presentable even in few or certain times only. This situation or scenario led to the existence of flash games with stylish theme. One of them is the one entitled Super Dress Up.

super dress up

From the title itself, one can easily determine that it is about glamming up and being fabulous. If you have a sense of style, try practicing it with this great flash game. As the player of this game, you will be given the option to choose your preferred character that you will be dressing up. There are dresses, clothes, shoes, make-ups and accessories available. You just have to pick your preferred style and make your character standout and glamorous. Dress up and have a stylish gaming adventure now! This is perfect for people who love style and fashion as their passion. Search for it now and have a blast!

Free Online Zombie Games Collection

If you are a fanatic of Zombie games and you are into online gaming, you will find a collection of Free Online Zombies over the internet. Zombie games are full of thrilling and exciting adventures. They are usually in the genre survival games incorporated with shooting and strategy forte. You should survive the zombie attack with the help of some kind of weapons. Either you run for your life or protect the safety of your abode. You need strategies to survive these zombie games. And if you are score-conscious, the more you would be persuaded to do your best to survive.
There are a lot of Free Online Zombie Games. There is the infamous Plants vs. Zombies, The Last Stand Series, Stark Raving Ted, Road of the Dead, Earn to Die Series, Ashes2ashes Cricket and a lot more.


Roll and Jump in Red Ball 3

What do you know about Red Ball 3? Is it a title of a movie? Is it a title of a song? Is it a part of a television series? Or a name of a flash game? If your answer is the first one, you are wrong. If you choose the last one, you are right. Red Ball 3 is actually the third edition from the very successful ball rolling game called Red Ball. Have you ever wonder why it is called Red Ball? The answer can be found below.
But before that, let us tackle why such balls are in demand in flash games. One is because most gamers are familiar with it. Second is because it is easy to understand, control, and play. For further details, rely on the paragraph below. In this game, you have to help the red ball reach his loved one, which was captured, by a black ball that is the villain in this game. You just have to jump and roll the red ball in the platform and avoid the obstacles like black balls and square ones.


Another Sniping in Tactical Assassin 3

Tactical Assassin is a flash game that involves thinking of tactics. If you like gun games or shooting games, these series of games are for your enjoyment. Have a look at the website FOR DETAILS. The games give you missions. You will play as a sniper and you view is limited, you can only see through your rifle.
The game involves not only shooting but also planning and solving how to fulfill the mission. The graphical representation of the game will not bore you even if everything in the game is colored in different shades of black, white or gray. You will be preoccupied on trying to fulfill each mission. Each mission has different difficulties. And Tactical Assassin 3 is the third of the said tactical game. It has nine missions plus a bonus one. It would be overwhelming to solve all these missions.

Tactical Assassin 3 (2)

Be an Angry Rooney on the Rampage!!

A very funny flash game is Rooney on the Rampage. The main goal is to play the role of footballer Wayne Rooney and head-butt various players!!! Isn’t it so interesting? Ha Ha!!Yes it is!! The graphics and sound quality is good!

Here, you are Rooney and you are angry about your red card. Now imply the ideas from Zidane’s World Cup! That means you need to head-butt players in Ronney’s way. Just press the Spacebar to head-butt each player. You need to do it in a certain speed. Just jump over the wall for the head-butt. For each you will get bonus like 30+ or 50+. It depends on your performance. The more trickily you can give head-butt, the more bonuses you will get. Towards the climax you need to head-butt Ronaldo into the goal!! Funny right?


Trollface Quest 2: Don’t Let It Trick You

You hero is a stick troll figure and you need to solve a certain problem so he doesn’t get harmed or killed. This is a strategy game and you need to find a way to solve a certain problem. Graphics are simple, but in a very interesting way. It looks like all game is drawn, but this time drawings are colorful, unlike the previous version of the game. Controls are also simple: point and click with your mouse. Some of the levels can be very tricky, and some of the ways of solving puzzles can be very odd.
Sometimes, the solution to the problem won’t be so obvious. You will find this game quite strange and pretty tricky. You can always expect a surprise. You need to explore this strange world and be careful not to get fooled. Although it may play tricks on you, all that makes it a pretty funny game.

Trollface Quest 2 (3)