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Style your place in My New Room 2

Everyone, especially ladies, dream of having a place or a room of their own. Make that dream come true and unleash your interior designing skill in My New Room 2. You own a room which you can decorate, arrange appliances and displays. You can also change the floor, paint the walls and add pets. You can add friends and have a party or simply chat. You have an option to change the background or outside of the room.

My New Room 2 (2)

You also have the tools to design your own wall painting and floor. Music is can also be played while you are decorating. When you are done, you can have your work printed for souvenir. My New Room 2 is a dress up game specifically made for girls and young ladies who are dreaming to have their own room and decorate it and arrange it the way they like.

Do not bump in Cube Field

Are you looking for a game to let time pass by but make it worthwhile too? If you want to have some and at the same time benefit from it, try playing Cube Field. It is a skill game that would enhance your brain on focus and visual perception. In this game, you have to concentrate on controlling the triangle ship and avoid colliding with cube obstacles. Control your ship using left and right arrow of your keyboard.

cube field

Take note that the triangle ship is moving at a fast speed. Plus the background changes color from time to time. Intense concentration is needed. One collision ends the game. And the more you practice, the more you will get the hang of concentrating. Cube Field is a simple game yet very challenging and addicting. There is no link in particular to play the game, just search for it in your browser.

Restore the mystical land in Jewel Match 3

Jewels are precious things that people are aiming to have as many as possible but they are surely not aiming for greediness. There are three reasons why jewels are precious. First reason is because of the process they are undergoing which are quite meticulous and detailed. Second reason is because of the process of finding them which some are very hard to find or drill. Last reason is because of the details and appearance they possess which are magical and brilliant. This article presents a flash game that features jewels and it is called Jewel Match 3. This game is already the third installment from the flash game series called Jewel Match.

The story in this game has a great purpose. The young girl named Luna is trying to bring back the magic and mystique in the fantasy land destroyed by evil people. The players will have to match the jewels or gems and disappear them from the game screen. There are 100 levels available as well as 3 game modes and 5 castles to seek and conquer.


Defend you Castle in Dragon Slayers

If you like shooting game using ballista, try to kill some dragons in the addicting game Dragon Slayers. You main goal is to defend the castle from all sorts of dragons using ballista. Earn gold to repair your castle, to recruit crews, to upgrade their capabilities, to build Carpenters Guild, to build Mage Guild and to upgrade your castle. As expected, the game gets harder as you level up, but just enough to be challenging and not boring.

Dragon Slayers 3

Be mindful of your castle’s health because once your castle is destroyed, the game is over. Be wise in spending your gold. More crews would mean more food needed. Try your best to build Mage Guild as soon as possible before the red dragons come. Click and hold left button of your mouse to aim and power up. Release left button of mouse to fire at the dragons.

Sniper Assassin 5: The Final Mission

“Save the best for last” is a very common phrase that we usually hear on television or in printed materials describing something that is presented lastly. It may not always be true, though mostly it is, but in the game series called Sniper Assassin, the said phrase is said to be absolutely true.

In its fifth and last installment of the series, called Sniper Assassin 5: The Final Mission, all the improvements made from the first version to the succeeding ones are still carried on but with further additional improvements made especially on the game’s graphics and general game play. The game also is said to be the best among its peers because it is the culmination of all the adventures of its main character Shawn Davidson and his illusive enemy Mr. J who he has been hunting since the start of the game. You can read more about this action packed game and play it on its official site.

Sniper Assassin 5 (4)

Get Ready for Pirates of the Stupid Seas

Take out your red bandanna and unleash the pirate spirit in you in a game called Pirates of the Stupid Seas. Get ready to attack ships at sea and rob their gold in this pirate shooting game.

In this game, you will have to aim at the enemy ship and shoot them with your cannon mounted on your own vessel. Once the enemy is defeated, you will then find out how much gold is available for loot. Some ships contain a lot of gold but some ships only has a little so you have to keep looking for ships with more loot. Upgrade both your ship and your cannon to get ahead of the game. Upgrades can be purchased using your gold coins. Are you ready to play this game? Then try and check it out on any of the sites that offer Pirates of the Stupid Seas to play for free.

Pirates of the Stupid Seas (3)

A Modified Hockey Game in Accurate Slapshot

Get ready for some slapshot action in a game called Accurate Slapshot! This game is a modified hockey because it uses the same stick as used in hockey games as well as the hockey puck. A hockey puck is a disk made of vulcanized rubber that serves as a ball in ice hockey. In this game, you will need to score a goal by hitting the hockey puck with your stick. No other opponents are present to stop you from getting the goal like in a real hockey game, but hitting a goal can be really challenging because of the obstacles.

Accurate Slapshot

But, do not lose hope, because with a little physics you can get a good aim and score that goal. Score a goal within 3 attempts and you win the level. Scoring it earlier that 3 attempts can give you a much higher score, so you do not need to rush. Take your time and enjoy playing the game.

Tripeaks Sheriff: A Twist to Classic Solitaire

Card games is one of the first games that ever existed in the world of flash games. Many of wants to play a good old card game mainly because of its laid back way of letting us enjoy the game. We can just play these types of games while seated comfortably and thinking how to do the puzzle the right way. One example of card games is the Tripeaks Sheriff.

This is a card game that incorporates a twist on the classic solitaire version that we all are accustomed of playing. Each level will give you a bronze, silver or a gold award depending on your score. Complete all the 25 awesome levels to know your total score. Total score will come from the average of all the levels. Also, if you play fast, bonus points will be awarded. Do good in all level to receive an incredibly high score worthy of bragging.

tripeaks sheriff

Aim And Shoot In Forest Fight 2!

Forest Fight 2 is a shooting game made for action games fans! In this game you are moving through the forest aiming and killing monsters. But it isn’t all. By killing them you take their gold and this is how you earn. At the beginning of the game you will see a map. You can choose from four different areas: the mountains, the lakeside, the dead marshes and a forest.


After you pick your area the game can begin. You need to be careful not to be killed because you have only three lives. When you get killed the level restarts. Make sure you kill all the monsters hiding behind the trees. Since you will shoot with arrows, you need to aim well. Graphics of the game are pretty simple and the music in the background is very dramatic. Forest Fight 2 is a very interesting game made for adventurers and you will enjoy it!

Revel in Snail Bob 8 Island Story

Snail Bob game series is a fun puzzle game even kids would enjoy. Play another sequel of this fun puzzle game series, Snail Bob 8 Island Story. While fishing with his father on an iced lake, snail bob 8 was separated and was brought in an island. Aside from the fact that the place is foreign to snail bob, he does not have any knowledge of the dangers in his path.


The snail has to reach the exit without being harmed in any way. Help him get through in each dangerous level; you have thirty levels to quest. Help him move fast or hide under his shell. Press buttons for him and help him change directions too. As you go through the path, find the three stars in each level; sometimes one or two of them are hidden. Enjoy playing this challenging adventure skill game.