Anticipating the next from Fancy Pants World

If you had enjoyed playing Fancy Pants World game series, you are probably among the many gamers awaiting the next sequel to the first three ones. The makers of Fancy Pants World have already released three sequels, each succeeding part improving the previous one. In Fancy Pants World 1, you were introduced to be a spikey-haired stick man wearing baggy pants.


You will collect the swirls in each level to score. Collecting those swirls is not that easy as you may think. In Fancy Pants World 2, your goal is to find the angry bunny who had stolen your ice cream. In Fancy Pants World 3, the king seeks for your help. Those who enjoyed playing the three versions wait and anticipate more surprise and improvement in the next installment. Fancy Pants World has a simple concept but entertaining enough especially for those who want to relax a little bit.

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