Duck Life Space is here!

For those of you who love Duck Life series, a new game has been launched lately: Duck Life 6 AKA Duck Life: Space.

This game is very similar to the first 4 games. Your job is to train your ducks to maximize their abilities in order to win races.

Many new games are available to play in order to train your ducks.

And the new thing so far, is that each time you win a final race, a new world will open for you!

There are 6 worlds total in Duck Life Space for you to finish. After you win the race in the last one, a big surprise is waiting for you 🙂

Ready, Set, Go!! We can’t wait to see what will happen in Duck Life 7…

scary maze game unblocked 3

Are you a Maze game lover? Do you enjoy playing maze games and wishes you can play it anywhere you are? Good news for you then! There are now the unblocked versions of the Scary Maze games which you will love more.


Scary Maze games have one rule and that is to never ever touch the walls of the maze. Once you touch the walls, whether deliberately or accidentally, the game will be over. You will have to start from the first maze again. And if you are lucky enough, you might even get the surprise of your life.

One of the best versions of Scary Maze games is the maze game 2. You will guide the ball through the maze bearing in mind that it is fatal to touch the walls of the maze. There are five levels or five mazes to get through then a bonus round if you were able to survive through the five mazes. The mazes get narrower as you level up, making it hard for the ball to reach the finish line without touching the walls.

Like the other Scary Maze games, maze game 2 will test your hand and eye coordination. Not only will it test your skills, it will also improve your motor skills. You will have to see to it that as you move the ball, it does not touch the walls of the maze. And you have to concentrate that much or else the ball might hit the walls.

The maze game 2 is a fun game to play. It is a very short game that it will not eat time to play. It is a prank game you can share with your family and friends. Just take note that it is not a game for too young children and those with weak hearts or heart conditions.

Full version of Earn to Die

The Earn to Die game series had been a popular game online. If you enjoy playing zombie games, you should check out the full version of the Earn to Die game series. You will surely love each and every sequel of the game.

In Earn to Die 2, the survivor had finally made it to the city. Unfortunately, the city was already overtaken by the zombies. Trying to run away from the zombies, you heard a broadcast where the speaker is from Exodus Military Base. He said that the base cannot hold back anymore. The last plane is about to leave for Refuge Harbor where an evacuation ship will depart. All survivors are urged to head there now. Once again, you need a vehicle.

Your first vehicle in Earn to Die 2 is the jeep. You have thirty dollars at the beginning of the game. You can first upgrade your fuel tank which initially costs twenty five dollars. You can control your vehicle by using the up arrow key to accelerate, the right and left arrow keys to tilt. Each run is equivalent to a day. You earn cash depending on the distance you have reached, the number of zombies you have killed and the average speed you have run. Upgrade your vehicle at the end of the day for better performance on the next run.

earntodie2-exodus (2)

You will unlock your second vehicle when you finish the first level of the game Earn to Die 2. Your second vehicle is a police car. Like in the previous versions of Earn to Die, the upgrades you have made in your prior vehicle are not compatible with your next vehicle. So you will have to upgrade your police car all over again. The same is true with your third vehicle which is a van. You will unlock the van when you finish level 2.

Earn to Die 2 is another addicting challenging racing game from the Earn to Die game series. You can play the full version for free. You can also play other Earn to Die games if you click the More Earn to Die games option in the Main Menu of the game.

red ball game 3

The cute little red ball is back in its third installment, red ball 3. And this time, he will be the savior and hero of Pink Ball, the love of his life. Join him as he venture in this addicting adventure game.

The game red ball 3 begun with clippings showing Red Ball and Pink Ball were strolling in a park. Then, a black ball appeared and saw them and got jealous. He thought it would be better if it was him and Pink Ball together instead. So he knocked down Red Ball and snatched away Pink Ball. Red Ball must save her.

Play as Red Ball and do whatever it takes to save the love of your life. Venture in twenty exciting and challenging levels. You have to reach the red flag at the end of each level. There are red flags too along your way which are checkpoints. Make sure to pass those checkpoints and the flags move up so that in case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed.


Remember that your main objective is to save Pink Ball. But as you go on your way, you must be very careful. The journey to save her is not that easy. You will encounter tons of obstacles. Like in the previous versions of Red Ball, some obstacles are axes, lifts and spikes. There are new obstacles too like the push buttons and levers which can control a lot of things. You have to unleash your wittiness too. As you go on your way, you have to collect the gold and silver stars too. They will contribute well to your scores.

The game red ball 3 is as thrilling as the first two prequels. Aside from the new storyline, there is now an antagonist, Black Ball. You will definitely not get bored with this game as there are new obstacles which will make you think more how to escape or beat. You can let children play the game too for there are no violence or foul words involved in the game. Plus, they will surely enjoy the colorful graphics as well as the characters.

Play Duck Life games

The duck life games are all addicting adventure and racing game. From the first installment, players will be interested with the storyline. You are a farmer who lost everything because of a strong tornado. The challenge is to get up from a great downfall. Having only one duck egg left, you thought of a way to turn around things. You are to train the duckling in different skills to prepare it for the duck race. Duck races happened to be popular in your place. Your intention of winning first place is to use the winnings in rebuilding and re-establishing your farm. But before you can join, there are certain levels of skills your duckling must reach.


In duck life games, you must train your duckling in the skills of flying, running and swimming. And from the second installment to the fourth, in addition to the mentioned skills, you will also train your duckling in the skill of climbing. In Duck Life 2, you will be joining bigger tournaments. Since you have already won in the first installment, you thought of joining more. Probably addicted to ducklings and duck racing, in Duck Life 3, you were even able to genetically modify your ducklings. Some guess that it was due to the seeds you were feeding the ducklings.

However, even after the success of races involving genetically modified ducklings, the judges decided to ban said genetically modified ducklings from joining the competition. So you are back to training your ducklings the traditional way in Duck Life 4. It is like training your ducklings in the first installment, only better. You have a coach and you can train several ducklings.

The succeeding duck life games made a great difference from the first four installments. There are no more training for your duckling. Even races or tournaments were eliminated. Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt challenges your duckling to find mysterious treasures in the cave. Duck Life 6 is an improvement of Duck Life 5. Aside from the addition of Coin Shop, the tournament, Cup as they are called, were brought back. Duck Life Space was made for Apple and Android. All these duck life games are enjoyable and highly addictive.

Service the People with Relaxation in Beauty Resort

A warm bath after relaxation is what you need after a long day of work right? But did you ever wondered what the crew inside a spa house are doing just to ensure your relaxation? In Beauty Resort you will experience not how to get relaxed but how they make you relax. Run and spa and massage service home with a starting entrepreneur who made her first branch. You will guide her on how to provide the customer’s need and how to make them satisfied. The game only uses the mouse as a control and you click and drag on objects.

Drag customers on where they want to go and click on objects that they need. Your character runs through the room and you can make waypoints or queue her next move while doing the first command. After getting the service they wanted you can get the cash that serves a score in the game. The room gets upgraded automatically as you go on the game. If you fail to hit the cash goal in the stage then you will lose a life, after losing 5 lives the game is over and you will have to start again at level 1.

Beauty Resort (2)

Remain flying up high in Crazy Helicopter

Have you already experienced riding in a helicopter? If yes, what about in a Crazy Helicopter? If not yet then feel it here in Crazy Helicopter. It is a crazy computer game online designed for those who love adventure and want to do it up in the airspace. Your goal is to remain flying up in the outer space as long as you can. You will get ammo and score when you collect some point balls. You must touch the point balls to earn points.

Crazy Helicopter (2)

Eliminate some obstacles by releasing missiles with the use of your mouse and spacebar of your keyboard. You will find it hard in controlling the chopper; it is not called Crazy Helicopter for nothing. This makes it more challenging. When you fall, give some time to rest before restarting the game. Do not restart it immediately after the fall or you will just see the helicopter in distress.

Stir up a Sleepy Friend in Wake Up the Box 3

Hate it when somebody wakes you up in the middle of your wildest dreams? Well here is your chance to wake and annoy someone in the middle of their sleep! In Wake Up the Box 3, Mr. Box the sleepy head is back and your duty is to watch him and to wake him up every time he sleeps on the job. Your mind and creativity will be put to test in this game. Get ready for your mind to be blown in this puzzle, adventure game.

wake up the box 3 (5)

You have couple of items that are made out of wood and you need to find the perfect spot where to put them to cause a noise or get Mr. Box off where he is sleeping. From long straight strips of wood to heavy and solid logs, and more objects, there are no other rules in Wake Up the Box 3 but to snap him out of his snoring. Solve all 20 challenging stages, where you have to use laws of physics, make a wooden puppet lie, wake up sleeping animals and make an alarm clock climb up to tree to kick Mr. Box off. There is also a score rewarded for solving a stage, the faster you solve it and the lesser times you retry it the higher score you will get. After several tries and you still cannot get off a stage, take your time off and get some air outside, your progress in the game is saved and you can come back for it once you had a good time of thinking a strategy.

The game creators understand how hard the puzzles are that they even put a Walkthrough button on the upper right corner of the game that directs you to a page where you can see how a stage is solved. If you think you have one bright mind that can solve puzzles and problems right away then Wake Up the Box 3 is a game you must try, visit and play the game.

Solve all puzzles in Troll Quest 5

Do you enjoy problem-solving games? How witty does your mind work? Do not miss out the Troll quest game series and check your skills. The fifth installment, Troll Quest 5, will surely boost your skills as you help the troll with his problems. In this installment, your main goal is to win the Troll Cup. Expect troll problems related to football game.

Trollface Quest 5 (2)

The game begins when the troll decided to joined a football game. In helping the troll, you will be using unusual strategies to get to the next stage. Solve twenty challenging levels and challenge your intelligence. Some levels can easily be solved, but some require cleverness in thinking. Solve each mini puzzle wittily. And if ever you got stuck on a level, you can find some tricks and tips at Also, finish the game in the most minimal clicks possible.

Have fun helping the Red Ball

Are you fond of adventure games? You will surely enjoy playing the Red Ball game then. It is a fun action and puzzle game were you will guide the ball in his journey. There are twelve levels to play. You will help the red ball reach the final flag at the end of the level. As you progress in the game, the levels get harder and longer. More obstacles come up. Not to worry though.


The game is not too hard, just challenging enough for fun. Checkpoints, represented by red flags, were also placed along your way so if ever you fall or die, you can start from the most recent checkpoint you have reached. And you have unlimited lives, so you only have to think about solving each level. If you really cannot solve a level, you can also find walkthrough over the internet.